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Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Pierson LLC

Real Estate Law

Real estate law reaches into the lives of almost every Maine family and out of state summer residents

The purchase or sale of a home or business, or a refinance of an existing mortgage, is for many of us one of the single most important events which brings us to an attorney’s office.  We need and trust our attorneys to provide the right guidance and assistance in this important area of our lives.

Our Services:

  • Negotiating and writing purchase and sale agreements for buyers and sellers of homes, apartments, and businesses;
  • Resolving disputes by negotiation and possibly settlement, between buyers and sellers, or between neighbors in boundary line disputes;
  • Searching titles to inform buyers and lenders whether there is “clear, marketable and/or insurable” title to real estate that is being purchased or financed
  • Preparing deeds
  • Assisting in the transfer of family real estate which may occur as part of estate planning
  • Issuing title insurance to owners and lenders who wish to have their title insured against claims concerning the title
  • Conducting closings, the event at which the buyer and seller complete the transfer of ownership, when the bank lends money on the property, or when an owner refinances.

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